Silicone protective film

Good exhaust performance.

Good temperature resistance.

Good adhesive performance.

Suitable for mobile phones, ipads, computers and other electronic products made and shipped protection applied to metal panels, plastic panels, glass panels and other surface protection.

Silicone protective film

Premium Silicone Material: Crafted from high-performance organic silicon compounds, the film ensures excellent thermal stability, cold resistance, and corrosion resistance.

Outstanding Protection Performance: The silicone protective film provides robust defense against wear, scratching, and chemical erosion, safeguarding the covered objects from damage.

Easy to Use and Install: The film is designed with good adhesion and flexibility, allowing for easy application on various surfaces, easy cutting and adjustment according to needs.

Wide Application: Suitable for a multitude of industries, including furniture, electronics, architectural decoration, automotive parts, and more, providing efficient protection.

Environmental Friendly: Compliance with environmental standards, the silicone protective film is free from harmful substances, ensuring no pollution during use and disposal.

Good Weather Resistance: The film can withstand harsh weather conditions, making it suitable for outdoor facilities protection.

Personalized Customization: According to customer requirements, customized silicone protective film solutions are available to meet the protection needs in different scenarios.

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